Janna & Courtney

Hoping to Adopt (North Carolina)


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Laurel and Ken Ellzey

Friends from church

Janna and Courtney are such a loving couple. Any child who joins their family would be so well loved and cared for. They would be encouraged and given all the love and resources the child needs to reach his/her full potential. Janna and Courtney have a wonderful, supportive marriage. They are creative and energetic. They are mature, thoughtful, accepting, patient, and gentle.

Laurel and Ken Ellzey Endorsed committed, Loving, Easy Going, Hospitable, Friendly, loyal, welcoming, Exciting, Adventurous

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Elizabeth Christenson-Diver


Janna and Courtney are going to be amazing parents. Let me tell you why. Janna and Courtney's marriage is mutualistic, strong, and loving. The best gift you can give a child is a strong, loving marriage. I can attest to their deep regard for others and tremendous capacity for love and acceptance towards everyone. This journey to adopt a child has only strengthened their relationship as adoption brings its unique trials and joys. I have seen Janna and Courtney prepare their hearts and their home for a child (and possibly the child's family, if appropriate/desired) over the past three years I have known them. Our Bible study has prayed with and for them and I have been encouraged so many times by this couple-- they are natural leaders (even though they may not call themselves leaders) by encouraging our church to do hands-on service, hosting Bible study and potluck in their home, and facilitating friendships through completely non-judgmental discussion and sharing of their joys and struggles. Janna and Courtney value friends and family, have hobbies that benefit themselves and others (woodworking, bird watching, gardening), and have a great sense of humor. They are wonderful people and I hope they can share their home and hearts with a child soon.

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I have known Janna and Courtney for 5 years. Prior to their current home in N.C. they lived in N.Y. It was in Brooklyn that Janna and Courtney quickly became close friends of mine. They are enthusiastic and kind. How they treat me, and others, and how they pursue community, is why they would make excellent parents. Janna and Courtney intentionally seek out friendships that are loving and joyful. In addition to their relationships, Janna and Courtney are passionate about their interests. They find purpose in these things. Janna loves birds, and the outdoors, and is energized by research in sustainability and recycling. Courtney is interested in digital technology, and as a carpenter creates beautiful furniture. Both of my friends are constantly learning and practicing. They work hard. Further, they both share their passions and knowledge with others. For these reasons, Janna and Courtney will make wonderful parents. All aspects of their current lives are full and wholesome. Janna and Courtney, with their love for each other, and their communities, have done right by the people they have encountered and the world they live in. I am certain Janna and Courtney will provide the same intention and care for the child they will call their own. They will pursue loving relationship with their child. They will love their family. By adopting, Janna and Courtney can relieve an existing situation, and provide for a child. This child will be loved and nurtured in a full life. I believe this is Janna and Courtney’s Purpose. Janna and Courtney remain joyful and optimistic as they await a child. They wait patiently. They are ready to welcome a child into their home and into their lives.

James Endorsed committed, Loving, Easy Going, Hospitable, Friendly, loyal, welcoming, Exciting, Adventurous

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